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(What motivates you to join these classes? Please take time writing this. This statement is most helpful for us to understand your needs and hence decide whether the work we do and the energy we operate will align with yours. This in turn will be decisive in acceptance of your application)
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Admission Process

Thanks much for your interest in our work and classes. Do fill up the application form for admission process to start. Refer to the Guidelines appended before you fill the form.

We look forwards to receiving your application.

Love and Light

Danza Performing Arts’ Artists


  • For admission process to start, do fill up the form and take time in writing the motivation statement in the form. We are interested to know why these classes are important to you. You might be writing for your child or yourself. We are happy to have any age starting 5 years, with or without experience.

    Questions that can help you draft this letter:

    • Why do I want to study dance in these classes and not the others?
    • How do I see myself growing in these classes?
    • What are my objectives I want to fulfill through these classes (in the body, in the mind and as a whole)?

  • This letter gives us a sense of where you are coming from and helps us decide whether the work we do, will be helpful to you in reaching your vision. If we feel some other class we know that might suit you better, we will refer you there. If you are accepted, we will share all the logistic details of enrollment with you.
  • Do add your contact details, full name, phone number, age, detailed note on experience in dance if any, and how you got to know about our work.
  • Our email id: and
  • Subject line of the email should be: Application for joining dance classes
  • Our notes on class enrollment etiquette

    • We do not offer "free trial / demo classes". We believe that art classes, like any other, should be paid for, "fully and in advance" to maintain the integrity of the practice and ethics of human skill exchange.
    • No refunds and adjustments are possible as we very painstakingly take time out of our own research time in the quest to share our findings with the community and hence we teach limited classes. Logistics do not offer us this possibility. Besides that, we are convinced that our time is better spent on creative work of setting interesting syllabus for students rather than over doing administration.
    • Please do not "negotiate" or ask for "discounts" as it amounts to disrespect. We are artists and this is a precious, personal and sacred space for us to practice our work with complete dedication, love & transparency and not a shopping place. We deeply hope it’s shared by new students as well who are accepted to study with us, so that space is about growth and money just a tool to arrive there.