Announcing our 8th Annual Summer Dance Work:
Mindspace, A Performance Research Project


This is the 10th year of Danza performing arts and we have been able to manifest some really satisfying work in the past. 7 Annual Summer dance theater productions and innumerable number of classes, 100's of students passing through the studio space and lots of dancing, growth and fun. This year, our 8th summer creation, we are diving into a performance research project titled "Mindspace". The idea is to explore the mind by using dance and theater as practices, body and our creativity as tools while tapping into neuroscience facts is acting as our resource pool. Brain is a super complex system which is open (to influences from outside), chaotic and non - linear. Over digitization in our lives is affecting our attention span which on an average is 8 secs while gold fish’s is 9 secs according to a recent study. Most complicated subject we have attempted in choreographic process is Mirror neurons.

Direction: Swati Mohan. Mentor: Dilip Shankar. Concept: Swati Mohan, Dilip Shankar. Assistant Director and Music Edit: Gaurav Singhh. Choreographers & teachers: Supriya Babbar, Gaurav Singhh, Swati Mohan. Neuroscience Consultant: Arpan Banerjee. Space & Light Design and Musician: Sagnik Human. Sound for Mirror Neurons and Singing: Sukanya Chattopadhyay. Videography and Edit: Aparajita Burjwal. Publicity Design: Abhigyan. Publicity Image: Shiladitya Laskar. Styling Consultancy: अनाम. Performers: Students of Danza Performing Arts.

Performance sharing on 27th May Saturday, 6.30 pm at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari Avenue, Gurgaon