BEaPUMPKIN! Its Great! A Dance Theater Production
9th and 10th June 2018, The Zest, Apparel House, Sec 44, Gurgaon
7.30 pm
Tickets Rs 400 on

A pumpkin is a pumpkin! It can be me and you, the dog, the tree, the bird which flies free! The beauty is that it’s a pumpkin and it doesn’t worry about being anyone else! Isn’t that great!

The show is Danza Performing Arts’ 9th Annual Summer Dance theatre production celebrating 10 years of fearless engagement with dance, theatre, music, meditation and yoga. It’s about just being who one really is without worrying about being anyone else! We rejoice in our flaws and boons, understanding that humor is essential in life and resistance is useless! The yearning to get out of mechanism opens the doors to knowledge which in turn commands free and wild imagination! Fairy tales are not just for kids and playfulness and creativity must not be abandoned ever! Most importantly if you are a pumpkin, just be it! Being a pumpkin is great!

While the performance is narrated by 75 year old poet, singer and an actor, it explores clowning, along with contemporary and jazz dance with kids, adults, amateurs and professionals all under one roof! Live music and performers interaction with the audiences adds a vibrant and immersive layer to the production as well.

Direction : Swati Mohan. Production Mentor : Dilip Shankar. Concept : Swati Mohan, Dilip Shankar. Choreography : Swati Mohan and Supriya Babbar. Assistant Choreographer : Shohini Dasgupta. Clowning Facilitator : Tapasya Dasgupta. Interns : Deepak Bhatia, Rakesh. Music Edit : Gaurav Singhh. Light Design : Milind Srivastava. Video Artist : Deepak Kattar. Assistant Video Artist : Avi Arora. Audio visual Cordinator : Lalit Khatana. Publicity Design : Shohini Dasgupta. Styling Consultancy : अनाम. Make up artist : Bhavishya Verma. Actor : Malti Sawhney. Clowns and Dancers : Students of Danza Performing Arts. Crowdfunding manager : Umang Manchanda

Director’s Name : Swati Mohan
Production House : Danza Performing Arts
Date : 9th June and 10th June 2018
Venue : The Zest, Apparel House, Sec 44, Gurgaon
Time : 7.30pm
Duration : 1 Hr
Language : Hindi and English
Suitable for all ages / Kids Friendly
Tickets : Rs 400 available on